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Gold price through the roof

With gold priced US Dollars now at 8-year highs – and setting fresh records in British Pounds and Euro terms – “We’re back to cash-for-gold prices,” says Dr.O’Connor at UCC Gold Protects from Financial Crisis and Crashes Throughout History – Lucey and O’Connor

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Nudging Record Price again

Another rising trend in the gold price saw it nudging the record again a couple of weeks back and also a couple of days ago. Will we see it break the record and make gold one of the assets that comes out on top of the pack after the pandemic this year? Because of this […]

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High Gold Prices – time to sell!

Gold prices are up due to large investment companies buying gold to protect themselves from the drop in share prices on the world stock markets. The price of gold initially dropped when the pandemic hit, this was because investors sold gold to put cash into their balance sheets after selling shares at a loss. Now […]

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