How do I sell my gold?

How do I sell my gold?

This is easy.

Selling any of your gold is quite straightforward.

Just take your jewellery or coins out and write down a brief description of what you have such as:

  1. Four gold sovereigns
  2. Two half-sovereigns
  3. A man’s wedding ring
  4. One thick nine karat gold bracelet
  5. Two fine necklaces

Then pick the phone up and  CALL US

Tell us what area you are in and we will arrange to visit (social-distancing will be observed).
We can travel within a reasonable distance to value the gold that you wish to sell but please bear in mind that we cannot expend valuable time driving many miles to value a small amount. If you can determine exactly what fineness the metal is, for example;  9 carat or 22 carat and if you can take an accurate weight with digital scales then we may be able to give you a provisional approximate valuation.

We will visit you in the comfort and convenience of your own home or garden to view and value whatever gold jewellery you have.

Whether it is just a couple of old unwanted necklaces & bracelets that have been collecting dust in a drawer or a long-term collection of full-sovereigns, half-sovereigns and krugerrands. We can then make a direct bank transfer or arrange to collect suitable funds (subject to banking hours) and return at a convenient time to complete the transaction.


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